Linux Tee

  You have taken some tea at some point but today I am offering you a Linux tee today. tee(1) is small utility which copies standard input to stranded out but also to multiple files. Let us take an example to know how it works. rahul@rahul-Aspire-4736Z:~$ ls | tee test | wc -l 23 rahul@rahul-Aspire-4736Z:~$ […]

Process Tree

Hi Guys, It has been a long time I haven’t written a article but it’s time now. Today I will talk about pstree. pstree(1) is a small tool which prints tree of processes. It gives nice picture of processes on system. Basically output of pstree is same as ps(1) but with nice view of tree […]

Monitor output periodically

Many times we need to monitor output of some command periodically to check what part or values changes. To do it either you need to run program manually and check for changed output. This way is not that efficient either when you are free or busy. Today I will tell you about a program which […]