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Five years of blogging with

  It has been five years since I started this blog. There are 80+ articles with 5400+ hits till today across 70+ countries and approximately 15+ hits every day. I haven’t imagined this much success with blogging when I started five years back.   There are quite good spread of articles across different categories like […]

Lists section sizes of an executables or object files.

Traditionally Linux has been supporting different file formats, most common is ELF, as it is flexible and extensible by design. For a given executable, there are four sections, in which information is arranged, namely .text, .data, .bss and .rodata. .text section contains executable code and is packed in segment with read and execute access rights, […]

File times on Linux system.

On Linux system, files have three different times. Very first thing before going forward, every thing in Linux is file. There are some exceptions to that but I will not be talking about that. Meta-data about the file that describes the file is stored separately besides contents of file. The place where this meta-data is […]