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I will talk you about GNU/Linux only

Why you should call it “GNU/Linux” and not just “Linux” ?

I feel very uncomfortable when people call system as only “Linux”. To be honest it’s not just Linux but GNU/Linux. Today I will talk about why you should call Linux kernel based system as GNU/Linux. This article is inspired from Richard M. Stallman’s and GNU’s articles. It has been more than 20 years since Linus […]

Know CPU architecture

  lscpu is a small program to gather information about CPU architecture like number of cores, threads, byte order, sockets, BogoMIPS, stepping, caches, etc. It prints these information in human readable format as well as in parseable format which can be given to other programs. lscpu is part of linux-util package. $ lscpu Architecture:          i686 […]

Kernel Module Signing

Today I will talk about one of the most interesting security feature of Linux kernel modules. Linux kernel allows to load and unload modules dynamically. These modules can be in-tree or out-of-tree built. But when it comes to security, you may think that this facility can lead to insertion of malicious modules in kernel. But […]