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Swayam launched …

The dream came true, Swayam has been launched …

Its GCC’s 28th birthday today!!

Twenty Eight years ago Richard M. Stallman (a.k.a RMS) released very first (beta) version 0.9 to public. It was available to download via FTP from MIT. GNU compiler collection (GCC)  is a compiler system produced by GNU project supporting various languages. GCC is a key component of GNU toolchain. GCC has played very important role […]

Why you should call it “GNU/Linux” and not just “Linux” ?

I feel very uncomfortable when people call system as only “Linux”. To be honest it’s not just Linux but GNU/Linux. Today I will talk about why you should call Linux kernel based system as GNU/Linux. This article is inspired from Richard M. Stallman’s and GNU’s articles. It has been more than 20 years since Linus […]