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Its GCC’s 28th birthday today!!

gccTwenty Eight years ago Richard M. Stallman (a.k.a RMS) released very first (beta) version 0.9 to public. It was available to download via FTP from MIT.

GNU compiler collection (GCC)  is a compiler system produced by GNU project supporting various languages. GCC is a key component of GNU toolchain. GCC has played very important role in Free Software world both as a system and example.

Originally GNU C compiler handling only C language, today supports every notable language C++, Objective C, Java, Go, etc

GCC has been ported to a wide variety of processor architectures both as a host and target.

It is widely deployed as tool in development of both free and propitiatory software.

RMS wanted C compiler for the GNU project, so he asked authors of VUCK compiler if he could use it. Author replied, “Though University is free, Compiler is not”. RMS decided to write very first program for the GNU project multi-language, multi platform compiler.

GCC played key role in free software world. Probably it was very first free software released by GNU. Because GCC is free, people know how software is developed, maintained, etc


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A threat to Software Professionals – Vitamin d3 deficiency

SoftProfSoftware Professionals are not new to threats but the threat which I’m going to talk about is something different and very serious – Vitamin D3 deficiency.

Vitamin D3 are responsible for intestinal absorption of calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and phosphate. It is very important nutrient to prevent almost all types of disease and to keep us healthy.

But unfortunately it’s deficiency nowadays chasing Software Professionals.  Mostly seen in UK, USA and nowadays Indian tends to have it. There are many reasons behind it. Most important is work culture and day-to-day routine.

Major source of Vitamin D3 is to expose bare skin to sunlight. Very few foods have Vitamin D3 but it is almost not to the level required. How much exposure to sunlight required – depends on many factors such where do you live, environment, type of skin, age, etc. But rough estimate is till you feel your skin begins to turn reddish and burning.

Back to the work culture of Software Professionals – in general 45 Hrs. per week that equals to 9 Hrs. per day work is expected and generally office starts at 9 A.M. and ends at 6 P.M. that means there is little scope to synthesis Vitamin D3 in body.

UV-B rays in sunlight when exposed to bare skin – Vitamin D3 is synthesised in body. However in India – around 30% Software Professionals use Car as private transportation and 50% tends to use public transportation for travelling to Office and back to home and rest use two wheelers. It’s uncommon to wear shorts in Office hours – there is even very limited scope for Vitamin D3 synthesis for people using two wheelers and public transportation. UV-B rays can’t penetrate glass – it’s even more limited scope for people using cars.

However Vitamin D3 deficiency is not only threat to Software Professionals but also people who works in closed environment. It has to be taken very seriously as it’s one of the most important nutrients human needs.

How much Vitamin D3 is required for you depends on your skin type, age, where do you live on earth, etc. It is good to consult you doctor for exact requirement.

Considering this is very serious issue to all people all over the world, it is need of time to investigate how we can improve our life style to avoid Vitamin D3 deficiency instead of having supplements.