Another beauty of ls

  Yesterday I was going through my old files modified since last two years. I was wondering with format of modification time in output of ls command. $ ls -l /mnt/media/study -rw——- 1 rahul rahul   915284 Feb 18  2010 operating_system_principles_7_Solutions.pdf Then I went back to home directory where there was a one file and did […]

File times on Linux system.

On Linux system, files have three different times. Very first thing before going forward, every thing in Linux is file. There are some exceptions to that but I will not be talking about that. Meta-data about the file that describes the file is stored separately besides contents of file. The place where this meta-data is […]

Print machine architecture name

If you want to know machine architecture of your system then there are many ways to do that. arch command prints hardware name of your machine. This is same as uname -m. $ arch i686 Enjoy!