Monitor output periodically

Many times we need to monitor output of some command periodically to check what part or values changes. To do it either you need to run program manually and check for changed output. This way is not that efficient either when you are free or busy. Today I will tell you about a program which […]

Lists section sizes of an executables or object files.

Traditionally Linux has been supporting different file formats, most common is ELF, as it is flexible and extensible by design. For a given executable, there are four sections, in which information is arranged, namely .text, .data, .bss and .rodata. .text section contains executable code and is packed in segment with read and execute access rights, […]

Know about installed hardware resources

If you want to know about installed hardware and their resources like io ports, irq and DMA channel then you may go through /proc file system to get that all informations. To know about io ports see /proc/ioports irq see /proc/interrupts DMA channels see /proc/dma But we have got lsdev to gather all this info […]