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GNU – एक ज्ञान का सागर 
I believe the world is accepting Free Software[1]. I hope most of you aware and know about what is Free Software. But there are still some children[2] whose brain is filled with garbage which needs to be washed out. Who will wash out their brains ? 

We are part of community. We work, live in community. There is something which needs given back to this community. I remember Nana Patekars[3] one video named “Nana at his best” in which he talks about community.

Here is list of sessions which I want to deliver for community. 

  • What is Free  and Open Source Software ?
  • Free Software community
  • History of GNU
  • History of Linux Kernel
  • Threats of patents
  • GNU Licenses
  • Debain Packaging 
  • Portable Shell Programming 
  • Portable C/C++ Programming 
  • Autotools
  • Make Programming 
  • Python Programming 
  • and many more

I am keen to deliver sessions regarding Free Software and above mention points. 
I will be available on Week Ends. 

You can contact me on OR +917276773482
[2] children are human beings / people who are animals who do not understand what is Free Software. 


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