Know about installed hardware resources


If you want to know about installed hardware and their resources like io ports, irq and DMA channel then you may go through /proc file system to get that all informations.

To know about

  • io ports see /proc/ioports
  • irq see /proc/interrupts
  • DMA channels see /proc/dma

But we have got lsdev to gather all this info at single place.

To install
$ sudo apt-get install procinfo

$ lsdev
Device DMA IRQ I/O Ports
0000:00:02.0 50f0-50f7
0000:00:1a.0 50c0-50df
0000:00:1a.1 50a0-50bf
0000:00:1d.0 5080-509f
0000:00:1d.1 5060-507f
0000:00:1d.2 5040-505f
0000:00:1f.2 5020-503f 50e0-50e7 50e8-50ef 50f8-50fb 50fc-50ff
0000:00:1f.3 5000-501f
0000:05:00.0 1000-107f
acpi 9 
ACPI 0400-0403 0404-0405 0408-040b 0410-0415 0420-042f 0450-0450
ahci 43 5020-503f 50e0-50e7 50e8-50ef 50f8-50fb 50fc-50ff
ath9k 17 
atl1c 1000-107f
cascade 4 
dma 0080-008f
dma1 0000-001f
dma2 00c0-00df
EC 0062-0062 0066-0066
eth0 46 
fpu 00f0-00ff
i8042 1 12 
i915 44 
iTCO_wdt 0430-0433 0460-047f
keyboard 0060-0060 0064-0064
PCI 0000-0cf7 0cf8-0cff 0d00-ffff 1000-2fff 3000-3fff 4000-4fff
pic1 0020-0021
pic2 00a0-00a1
pnp 0400-047f 0500-057f 0600-060f 0610-0610 0800-080f 0810-0817 0820-0823 ff2c-ff2f
rtc0 8 0070-0077
snd_hda_intel 45 
timer 0 
timer0 0040-0043
timer1 0050-0053
uhci_hcd 5040-505f 5060-507f 5080-509f 50a0-50bf 50c0-50df
uhci_hcd:usb4 21 
uhci_hcd:usb5 23 
uhci_hcd:usb6 19 
uhci_hcd:usb7 20



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