Monthly Archives: February 2014

National Science Day

National Science Day is celebrated on 28th February. Happy Science Day. Today, every common people know what is a Science. There are around 55% of people worldwide which are taking Science education. In todays world, we can get knowledge of anything that we think of. Our scientists have been doing very good work in their […]

profile a startup script

profile file is placed in home directory of a user. It gets executed after login. User can place commands which are executed after login. This is useful when you have to setup something after login like alias for some command or whatever command which you want to execute after login. Note that depending distribution which […]

What does your cow say ?

Cowsay generates ASCII picture of cow saying something provided by user. This cow also thinks ? Yes both cowsay and cowthink are same. It is more configurable speaking / thinking cow. To install $ sudo apt-get install cowsay $ cowsay Linux < Linux >  ——-         o   ^__^          o  (oo)\_______             (__)\       )\/\                 […]