Know hardware configuration of system

lshw is small tool which extracts information of hardware configuration of your system. It can report exact memory configuration, firmware version, motherboard information, CPU, caches, battery, bus info, SCSI, USB, etc.

Running this command with superuser status gives detailed information. By default it outputs in text format, but you can specify format like xml, html.

lshw-gtk is GUI on top of lshw.

Don’t share output of these commands with anyone, as it contains sensitive information like serial numbers, etc. Although, this can be removed by specifying -sanitize option.

To install

$ sudo apt-get install lshw lshw-gtk

How to use it

$ sudo lshw -sanitize

$ sudo lshw -html -sanitize | firefox

$ sudo lshw -xml -sanitize | vi –

$ sudo lshw-gtk



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