C is orphan now !

typedef struct {
char name[MAX_NAME];
date dateOfBirth;
date dateOfDied;
char knownFor[MAX_LENGTH];
char comment[MAX_LENGTH];

const FATHER_T cFather={
.name = "Dennis Ritchie",
.dateOfBirth = "September 9, 1941",
.dateOfDied = "October 8, 2011 (aged 70)",
.knownFor = "C language and UNIX",
.comment = "Dennis Ritchie a American computer scientis, known for designing, developing and implementing C lanuage died on 8th October 2011, at 70 of his age.He is known for father of compuer, according to my opinion, because 100% Computer industry is directly or indirrctly running on "\C"\\n.I am quite supprised by the fact that publicity (might be wrong word here) of Steav jobs being dead was too much more than Dennis Ritchie. That maybeacuse may people may not know who father of "C". Let it be. I am quit inspried by his famouse quote "\UNIX is very simple, it just needs a genius to understand its simplicity.\" UNIX was really awysome."


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