DoudouLinux – The computer they prefer!

DoudouLinux Gondwana

DoudouLinux – The computer they prefer!

Blue fish - gartoon {PNG} DoudouLinux is specially designed for children to make computer use as easy and pleasant as possible for them (and for their parents too! ). DoudouLinux provides tens of applications that suit children from 2 to 12 years old and gives them an environment as easy to use as a gaming console. Kids can learn, discover and have fun without Dad and Mum always watching!


Smiling man - gartoon {PNG} But DoudouLinux also makes it easy for Dad and Mum. Available as an autorun CDROM, DoudouLinux does not need installing. It does not touch the data in the computer it runs on, nor the system installed on the computer. Shipped with built-in content filtering, it prevents children from accidentally visiting unsavory web sites. You can carry it everywhere and let children on any computer without worrying. DoudouLinux can be lent, offered, loaned, copied as often as you want. Just like they do on the school playground! This is fully legal, so DoudouLinux is really risk free from all points of view.

Download the CD now

DoudouLinux 1.1 Gondwana English (694 MB)

SHA1 checksum 98a699054a3bfb75cdd86bebf6f73aed88bebc45

Earth - gartoon {PNG} DoudouLinux also aims at making computers accessible to all children on earth, with no discrimination. For this reason the web site lets you download full and free versions and will always do so. Moreover, DoudouLinux is available in many languages so that each child will feel comfortable when he begins reading. We currently support the following 25 languages: Arabic, Chinese, Czesh, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Malay, Norwegian (Bokmål), Persian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Telugu and Ukrainian. Additionally, as an appetizer, we are proposing Hebrew, Indonesian, Turkish and Vietnamese. More than 60 languages can be generated , but translation quality is, unfortunately, not homogeneous between languages . If you would like to help translating your language, please get in touch.


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