Are we really independent ?

India is one of the oldest civilizations of the world. Indian history reveals to us the rich cultural heritage and the economic prosperity which India witnessed before the advent of the British.

But during the 150-year-long British rule, Indians were brutally suppressed and were forced to do menial jobs.

After great battles and struggles, India achieved its Independence which had cost it the lives of innumerable valiant martyrs.

After Independence India has grown from strength to strength.

India at present boasts of being the largest democracy of the world. It has become a nuclear superpower and has prodigious military forces.

India has also developed a strong infrastructural base after Independence earning a good repute on the world stage.

An eminent personality said, “We no longer discuss the future of India, we say the future is India.” But is that true? Even after so much development one question still haunts every Indian — Are we really independent? Are we independent from the shackles of the caste system? Are we free from the social evils like dowry?

Does every Indian earn enough to fulfil his basic needs for survival? These are a few questions which every Indian needs to introspect about.

If we carefully observe the environment and mindset of the people at the time of Independence and in the present day scenario, there hasn’t been a lot of change. It is almost the same. It is we the youth who have to change it. It is the duty of the younger generation of the country to strive for a stronger, better and healthier India. This will not happen in a day, it will take a lot of perseverance, determination and hard work.

We, the youth should take it both as a responsibility and a challenge to transform India into a dream country as envisaged by the great freedom fighters not so long ago.


कोण आजाद हुवा ?
किसके माथे से गुलामी की सियाही छुटी हैं ?

मेरे सीनेमें अभी दर्द हैं महकूमी का …

मादरे – हिंद के चेहरे पे उदासी हैं वही

कोण आजाद हुवा ?

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